Desh ki seva karne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai ...

Issue 1: Not a single Indian University in Top 200 in Global academic rankings .

Issue 2: Indian students ranked 72nd out of 73 countries in PISA exam in 2012.

Issue3: Results are consistently nil on the Thought Leadership and Knowledge Management initiatives at individual, organization and national level.

Issue 4: Despite having best educational institutes, Karnataka did not send any representation at International Mathematical Olympiad for the past 20 years.

Issue 5: How many Nobel prize or Fields Medal for our home scholars?

That is the slap on our face.

That is the slap on my face.

That is the slap on your face.

And I will not take things lying down. I will work to bring about a change. Are you in it?

Swami Vivekananda gave his clarion call: "Awake, Arise and stop not, till the goal is reached."

I, Nuthan HS, would like to invite you on the journey towards excellence.

Let us share our Resources, Insights, Ideas, Time and Energy on our Race to the Top.

Let us brainstorm and come up with ideas to take our rankings to the top 10 universities in the world.

It is our reputation at stake.

Our National honor is at stake.

We are running against time for the race to the top.

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    Nuthan writes to the Honorable President and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to declare 27th December as 'The International Knowledge Management Day' and take it up with United Nations as well.