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“Whether you call it the “War for Talent” or the “Talent Tsunami,” there is no debate that the ability to acquire a world-class workforce will be the competitive differentiatorfor countries that want to out-think, out-innovate, and simply beat their competition.People Analytics in the super 300 initiative provides aspiring professions with evolutionary thinking and the prescriptive tools on how to leverage Process Excellence to significantly improve the quality of our workforce on all the four alpha metrics.”


Global Thought Leadership
Let us engage with Top 10 universities in every country on a shared responsibility basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible for super 300?

The eligibility is the same as that application to a foreign university.

Good guideline would be
GRE Score
2 academic recommendations
Statement of Purpose

Q. How can i join the Super 300?

You have to qualify the test.

Q. When is the test held?

In the month of May and June, thereafter every month.

Q. How to i participate in the test?

You have to submit an application form.

Q. When and where can i get the application form?

It is available in the first week of May. You can fill the online / submit the hardcopy of the same.

Q. How much do i have to pay for obtaining the application form?

It is only INR 369/-

Q. Why is the Super 300 batch launched?

We want to provide opportunity for students from various communities to travel across the world.
Students will get a chance to benchmark with global standards.
Students will come back and share best practice.
Collectively we will upgrade and evolve our education ecosystem.

Q. What is your overall vision?

We want to engage our students with the top 10 universities across the world.

Q. Who will fund the trip of students?

It will be a collective responsibility of various stakeholders. Paarus is a registered section 8 company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
We will raise funds through religious trusts, public donations, CSR funds, Government grants and crowdfunding.
We will approach various stakeholders for the same.

Q. Are there any other charges for the test?

No.The application form includes the test fee.

Q. What is the syllabus of entrance test?

The syllabus of entrance test is same as the GRE level.

Q. What is the question pattern for the test?

GRE (PBT) pattern.

Q. When is the result published?

Two weeks after the test.

Q. How much do i have to pay for entire training?

There is no fee for Super 300. It is an absolutely free training program for study abroad. Students will recieve 100% scholarship to study abroad for their Bachelors/Masters course. It includes free lodging and food while they study abroad.

Q. What is the duration of the course?

About one year.

Q. What will be the duration of the course abroad?

It depends.
Summer School: 1-3 months
Diploma course: 9-12 months
Postgraduate course: 12-24 months

Q. Are there any other charges?

Membership fee of Paarus Knowledge Foundation is 369/- per month
which includes
MahaVidhya Math Circle energy exchange of 123/- pm
Mahavidhya Linguistic Circle energy exchange of 123/- pm
Knowledge Center energy exchange of 123/- pm

Q. What other services do you offer to train the students?

Nachiket Debating Society
Energy Exchange: 369/- pm
HansRaaj Brain Gym
Energy Exchange: 369/- pm

Q. What will be final selection criteria?

Students have to appear for monthly exams beginning May 2017.
Students will work on Personal Development plan along with our counselors.
Students will appear for necessary qualifying exams.
There will be 3 rounds of interview, group discussion and presentation initially.

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    Nuthan writes to the Honorable President and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to declare 27th December as 'The International Knowledge Management Day' and take it up with United Nations as well.